Published May 23, 2014


Movie and music buffs will love the Silvestri tasting room in Carmel because the owner proprietor made his living making music for many Hollywood movies. His music plays in the tasting room while movie posters flash on screen.

Their white wines are on the sweeter side. A Pinot Blanc has apricot, lime, and nice melon flavor but sweet apple dominates. Their unoaked Chardonnay has a grassy green apple quality which is tart but lemon meringue puts it on the sweet side. A Pinot Noir from Carmel Valley has dark cherry with a bunch of spice and very little earth. Cinnamon and nutmeg occur to you as you feel the slightly smokey essence. Finally, they serve their big boy. A Syrah has big dark heady aromas of plum and berry with licorice and smoke. A tart crisp cranberry acidity rounds out the layers in this wine and balances it. Strength and structure is what you may like about this Syrah.

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