Saw Shop Gallery Bistro

Published September 30, 2013

A local favorite for good eats and drinks in Kelseyville, the Saw Shop Gallery Bistro should be top of the list of places to try for even a short visit here. The menu covers steak and seafood as well as a taco plate and an exciting list of appetizers. What’s most noteworthy is how delicious and authentic their Thai chicken was for a restaurant not even specializing in this cuisine.

The room is full of local art for sale, which is why it is called a gallery. So, you can showcase your art and get instant feedback! They are only closed on Sunday and Monday nights, which seems like they could be lucrative nights to be open but I guess you gotta take a few nights off some day. Either that or hire more staff.

They also make great use of local ingredients, whenever possible.  Lake County quickly became the pear capital of the world thanks to prohibition because ancient vines had to be replanted with something. Pear and walnut orchards thrived here and plenty remain, giving way to delicious dishes like the one below.



Cider Glazed Pork Loin Chop with Apple Cider Gastrique and Gorgonzola over Aged Cheddar Polenta

But, whenever you go, make sure it is not a Tuesday night. That’s the night they offer all appetizers for $5 and the place gets packed with all of Lake County’s most frugal cheapskates. It’s known as “Tightwad Tuesday.” If you support small businesses, splurge a little on their steak Diane during one of their other nights instead.


Filet Mignon in Peppercorn Sauce over Truffle Mashed Potatoes


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