Santa Ynez

Published July 17, 2012

Renting a guest house on a 5 acre horse ranch in Santa Ynez could be culture shock to a San Franciscan but this one finds it feels like home. I must admit I know next to nothing about horses except that they are beautiful. I went horseback riding as a kid and loved it but don’t remember much other than you don’t approach them from behind. Sage advice for any life form, I suppose.

A horse named Angel

Hi, Angel!

The woman who owns the place lives on the property full time and is really sweet. She’s already told me all I need to know. She’s got an apple tree in the front yard and she said I can pick whatever apples I’d like to eat but give the cores to the horses. Then, she showed me how to feed them. One of them is the friendliest horse I’ve ever encountered. She comes up to the fence when you pass by and talks to you. Well, I talk to her and she responds with a neigh sound. But I think we get each other. Like me, she likes to chat and meet new people.

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