Rasmussen Vineyards & Winery

Published April 25, 2015

A family business can mean many different things. In most cases, it means a family started the business and hired others as the business grew. But they still call themselves a family business because the same family owns it. Even when a large company buys a winery, they still call themselves a family business, saying it’s just owned by a different family now. PFFFT. Rasmussen Vineyards & Winery is an actual family business, owned and operated by the members in their family.

Still that’s not the reason you should visit this tasting room. The reason to go is that supporting your local family farmers has never been more delicious. They will pour one luscious balanced wine after another. Their entire flight of wines to taste were all well-crafted each in a way that elevated the grape’s qualities.

You finish the flight with one of the most uniquely different dessertees. If you like the Thin Mint cookies from Girl Scouts, try their late harvest Merlot. It has an addictive¬†chocolate eucalyptus character. No tasting fee! No phone either… this is not their day job.

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