Pianetta Winery – wine that feeds your Italian food cravings

Published May 5, 2015

Rhone varietals like Syrah, Grenache, and, the cult, Mourvedre crowd the soil in Paso these days. Big fans of these grapes unite here. But, when you crave something a bit more Italian inspired, and we all do at some point, head to Pianetta for big full Italian stallions with a California style. This father-daughter fab find is a block away from the Paso square and the spot to buy wine that feeds your Italian food cravings…or any food cravings, really.

They don’t make any whites but their rose hits the spot with its chilled watermelon flavor. A bit of floral fragrance is the first thing you smell but big round refreshing strawberry, banana, and plenty of watermelon follow. This is a nice meaty rose for taco night or even a barbecue. Their Sangiovese has that bright crisp cherry flavor typical of this grape yet the long finish you’d expect from a cab or robust Merlot. Finally, they serve a very unique Petite Sirah with an earthy green lavender nose but licorice and all spice body with very smooth tannins. Savor this glass for a few minutes and you’ll smell a smoky campfire scent as you swirl.

Each wine is welcoming enough to return to a previous wine after you’ve moved on to bigger bodied wines. Check out these family operations because they are often better at passing on traditions and cross training the unique practices that give their wines character. That’s how they manage to keep their style consistent across vintages.

More notes from my month in this region.


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