Pack String Wines – Next Generation Producers

Published November 22, 2022

Next generation producers like Pack String Wines are impressive. The brand lured us in to know their story. The name itself told a tale of taking a pack string of mules exploring into the land we love. These locals are building their dream on the red dirt that expands beneath their vineyard boots. A rustic style represents their heritage while fresh ideas like silicone wine glasses made us rethink how something as breakable as glass every got so popular for wine.

But their wines were miles more remarkable. A sultry sexy rose of sangiovese showed off a vibrant hint of strawberry that felt broader on the palate than its pale color implied. Then, a barbera came forth with big bold cherry and berry with a bright nose and a hint of dark brooding moccha on the long finish.

Just now tilling the land but I cannot wait to taste their creations because of all they’ve accomplished already.

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