Published October 5, 2013

Noggle is another great example of how quality rules over quantity. They don’t make a lot of wine and only specialize in a few varietals. But, they’ve admirably chosen varietals that thrive here. The day I was there they were only pouring Cabernet Sauvignon from two different vintages. But I saw they usually have a Sauvignon Blanc as well.

Still, the one varietal they poured was a mighty accomplishment. Deep dark black cherry followed plum and many layers and textures in this juice. Its haughty thickness and deep garnet with purple color comes from unfined and unfiltered practices, which probably make it a healthy wine. The winemaker, Michael Noggle, feels the same way about his coffee. He wants to taste its natural richness and darkness instead of watered down flavor. He’s also quite a star one-man show. His wife had to get him to take a break from mowing the lawn in the back to pour for me. So, plan on visiting Noggle on a day you feel like a drive since it is a bit off the beaten path and pavement and call first to find out about open hours for tastings.


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