Lone Madrone

Published October 11, 2012

Lone Madrone

Twas so exciting to meet Neil Collins at the Paso Wine Center tonight because I had heard so much about him he had become sort of an icon. He’s not only the man behind famed Tablas Creek’s righteous Rhones but also his own label: Lone Madrone. With a chef background, he’s got a creative attitude and innovative spirit that can pull it all together. What’s more impressive is he’s such an individualist in his varietals and styles. When I tasted it at the LA Wine Fest, his Tannat was the first I’d ever fallen for… and may be the last.

lone madrone tasting room

The best word for each of his wines is luscious. Lone Madrone’s Grenache has charming brightness with noticeable acidity and succulent body. It makes a great solo artist, and enhances the flavors of other grapes when it joins the band.

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