Published March 5, 2013

Anderson Valley’s cool climate is ideal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. A tasting of the wines at Londer Vineyards helps you pinpoint exactly how exquisitely designed and full flavored Pinot Noir and Chardonnay can be when in this type of environment. The Londer tasting room is located right across the street from the Boonville Hotel in the quaint town of Boonville. Feels like a street but it’s actually California state highway 128, which connects the 101 with Mendocino. Their wines are wonderful representations of this valley. Their Chardonnay can stand up to rich meals or be delightful on its own. Each Pinot Noir has its own personality, like any person of substance. There is one for every palate and style.

They also include dry and sweet Gewurztraminers in their flight. Both are always good to have around for spicy cuisine like Indian, Thai, and Chinese. But what’s great about these selections is they have one for people who prefer dry and another for the sweeties.



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