Claudia Springs

Published March 3, 2013

This is one of those tasting rooms that does not have a bad wine. When all the wines at a tasting room are well crafted, it could be the sign of a great winemaker who knows how to make anything taste good. And it could be the grapes. The coastal air here balances acids and tannins somehow. But the winemaker will probably attribute it to the unique vineyards that they use. Some are really really old vines. And, in case you were wondering what’s so great about old vines, it takes a grape vine 30 years to reach its potential…just like humans. After that, vines produce fewer grapes that are more concentrated in flavor. So, when you see “old vine” on a wine label, you can be pretty certain it will have more complex flavor and distinction.

A visit to Claudia springs includes wines from Anderson, Mendocino Ridge, and Redwood valleys. The varietals in a tasting here run from Pinot Noir, common in these coastal valleys, through Petite Sirah. Usually known for its heavy tannins, their Petite Sirah is on the softer side but still has a mouthful of bright blueberry. They even do a Primitivo that has great body and acidity with blackberry and a haunting hint of chocolate.


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