Holly’s Hill Vineyards

Published July 30, 2013

Feel like taking a warm tree-lined drive through the gold country? Plug Holly’s Hill Vineyards into your GPS and you’ll be able to taste some golden delicious Rhone blends while feasting on a beautiful redwood treetop panoramic view.

Their Patriarche Blanc blends Roussanne and Grenache Blanc for refreshingly crisp pear and melon richness rounded by creamy orange blossoms. A Cabernet-Syrah has the best of both big worlds. It’s got big cherry, plum, cocoa, and spice from these grapes. The Syrah softens the strong Cabernet Sauvignon tannins while the Cabernet Sauvignon blankets the sometimes overwhelming dank darkness of Syrah. Serve this with big rich steaks in savory sauces or a robust barbecue as an alternative to my favorite, sipping it on its own.


More appellation adventures from my month in this region.


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