Hayseed and Housdon

Published December 1, 2022

Hayseed and Housdon has one of Paso’s only garage tasting rooms for those who enjoy both indoor and outdoor experiences yet they are right downtown on a quiet back street…quiet until the 4:19 train. Their wines are an excellent representation of small hand-crafted techniques with the flavors and aromas that highlight the Central Coast’s potential. They also set a great example of wine with integrity, sharing their profits with organizations that support the community like Paso Cares, Lumina Alliance, and CASA.

4:19 to Paso

Even without the train reference, this grenache rose is going places, like my belly. With lots of bright crisp cherry, vanilla and a tiny bit of coconut, the flavors transcended me to a sunny porch next to a smoker where I could savor the meaty aromas of what’s cooking between sips of this lovely mouthwatering pink wine.

Excuse My Dust

This chardonnay surprised me. Probably because I was expecting the typical oaked chardonnay common in California. But it had that tart lip smacking crispness of lemon curd on the mid palate with a nice long finish that made it comparable to a French white wine.

Rhone Rodeo

A lovely floral fragrance met my nose with green herbs next to a bowl of cherries. This grenache had many layers with a slightly meaty chew on the finish. The name prepared my palate for anything but it was an easy ride since its fruit flavors didn’t overpower its structure and acids were nicely balanced.


I loved this cab blend because the winemaker and I agreed: cab is better when blended with a friend. This Warrior of mostly cab had a bit of petite sirah that brought great blue fruit to the forefront with a moccha chocolate character. It felt like tart crisp cherry met blueberry dark chocolate bark, which might not be a bad pairing for this wine.

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