Hangtown Cantina – Festive Patio Dining in Placerville

Published June 6, 2021

Hangtown Cantina has clearly embraced outdoor patio dining, making it festive and fun. You can order online or phone and swing the car through for pick up. Or stop by and enjoy day drinking under the shaded pavilion. When you order one of their happy drinks (hola, margaritas), you no longer worry about money. Theirs are priced right.

Heard around Hangtown: they’ll soon have an outdoor bar!

Then, taste Hangtown Cantina’s amazingly tender juicy apple jalapeno carnitas and bask in a feast full of flavor. You may feel you’re in heaven while you’re above the fog layer but below the snowline in a paradise called Placerville. Wanna guess how they make it? I have a few apple jalapeno marinade ideas. But, would love to hear yours; please post a comment below if you’d like to share.

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