Published March 18, 2013

Foursight is a great place to start if you’re looking for a California natural beauty. Not that they sell avocados or anything like that. But they do have wines made from beautiful California fruit with respect to natural winemaking practices. In their travels around the world, they’ve adopted traditional methods simply to make wines they enjoy drinking. So, while hand harvesting, minimal de-stemming, and wild yeast fermentation may take a bit more time and effort, it’s worth the elegant supple flavors that emerge.

They also produce some of the few wines that are safe for vegans and vegetarians. Even the strictest vegetarians may not know how many animal products are used to fine and filter wine. Foursight’s are unfined and unfiltered yet not cloudy due to their careful attention to detail. So, grab a Foursight bottle for your next vegan picnic and educate likeminded herbivores that a label or winemaker will proudly tell you if their wine is safe for you to drink.

Foursight is the first tasting room you see on the 128 west if you are doing the Boonville wine crawl, or “fratty pike” as it is known locally. Yes, they have their own language or dialect. You needn’t know how to speak fluent Boontling, but if you are smart enough to do your drinking on foot, start at Foursight, and continue west where you can enjoy a handful of other tasting rooms without driving.


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