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Published July 8, 2013

It’s so refreshing when a winery has the gumption to do things a little differently. It’s even more refreshing to meet the spirited person behind this movement. It’s also inspiring to see people simply staying true to how they were raised. That appears to be Josheph D’Alessio’s mantra at Enfold Wines. The Italian Irish Jewish kid from New York may have grown up and moved to the Wild West but he has just got to feed you when he’s pouring his wines for you. And what a spread:

This is not just the spread for a person who has a wine blog. I know this because I didn’t even mention it when making an appointment. This how he treats all guests. His passion cannot be measured but you can get a sense for it when you taste his wines and see his vibrant vineyards. Some vines are planted low to the ground with lots of room to grow in any direction while others are encouraged to grow straight up to provide more sunlight in the right places. He doesn’t drop any fruit in the ground as most do for fertilizer because his soil is so naturally nutritious.

But the wines tell the story better than I can. Anita’s blend, for example, has just enough Syrah for a dark ruby color with Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel to give it deep dark berry, cherry, and blueberry flavors with a long luscious finish and a hint of spice. It was a mouthwatering pairing for the slightly spiced scallops and buttery rich sauce. It could also stand up to rich cheeses and other white meat. Jazzin is a Zinfandel blend with a bit more body, darker deep purple color, and a balance of spice and earth that make it mighty enough for a rich sausage lasagna. This could be a brilliant barbecue pairing or beautiful with slow cooked meats. Their Cabernet Sauvignon had the long velvety finish to top off the cherry and black truffle. What a great finish!

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