Drew Family

Published March 23, 2013

The Drew family photos posted around their tasting room make you wish you were part of their family. The wines make you wish you were part of a family dinner. Drew Family Cellars has the only Albarino in Mendocino County. Albarino lovers have probably just left the building. But, those of you who don’t know about this lively white grape, its juice is an amazing pairing for spicy Indian, Thai, or Chinese as well as rich picnic fare of any cuisine. It’s got great acidity and a sliver of minerality with the round fruit of apple and rich citrus of lemon curd.

Then, the reds. Ah, the reds have it all. It’s like girl meets boy all in one sip. Their soft supple fruit flavors are seductive. Yet, the strong structure stays with ya. This small family winery has a big future.


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