David Girard Vineyards

Published November 13, 2013

In case the name of this winery doesn’t scream “French Styled Rhone Wines” please read further. You know who you are; you fancy the acronym blends of GSM on the dark side and RMV on the white side. And don’t forget the GB, that’s a good whitey. Actually, that is an elusive whitey to crave for its green apple crisp refreshing appeal. Believe it or not, it is better than beer on a warm sunny day.

Back to David Girard Vineyards, the wines are not only French in style, sophisticated yet restrained and lean but not mean, they are memorable and refined. Worth a try for your travels from Tahoe to the Bay Area or Sacramento just to experience and appreciate the splendor of these blends, styles, and local grapes cultured to compete with the big F. Their winemaker seriously knows what she’s doing so a trip for the tasting room is a treat for your nose and taste buds while the vineyard views is a treat for the eyes. Enjoy!

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