Published May 31, 2014


A nice refreshing change of pace during your Carmel wine tasting is Caraccioli for their amazing bubbles. These are not just sparkling wines, suds, or sweet sparklers. These sparkling wines could not be more French. Not only is the winemaker from France, he gained his fame for making sparkling wines while he was the winemaker for Roederer.

For example, their brut rose may be pink but it’s got pride. Bright fruit of pomegranate and strawberry dominate with layers of yeasty biscuits. A cuvee of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir had no skin contact so it looks like a sparkling white wine with the aroma of a nutty cheese. Its crisp green apple and citrus make your mouth water while you’re swirling. Finally, another cuvee just a year older has more almond flavor with lemon curd and mellow tart crispness. All have their own unique personalities yet are all lovely in their traditional style.

Carracioli Interior

Stop by their tasting room on a Friday or Saturday night when they stay open until 10 PM.

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