Blue Wing Saloon

Published October 9, 2013

Your next visit to Lake County should include many visits to the Blue Wing Saloon, adjacent to the historic Tallman Hotel in the quaint town of Upper Lake. Not because they have Monday night live music in a beautiful outside courtyard setting or because they serve local wines and support local farmers but because the food is so good. This Jerk Chicken was covered in a spicy smoky rub and sat on top of a wonderfully flavored coconut rice with peas and served with sliced mango and lime.

The tangy sour lime countered the sweet mango and the trifecta was of course the spice. The smoke was just a bonus. Sounds like a special of the day but it was on both the lunch and dinner menus all the time. Go get yourself some!

More appellation adventures from my month in this region.

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  1. You can’t even find that combo coconut rice w/steak here in SF! Looks yummy.


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