Published April 17, 2014

Lots of wineries these days are organic and even biodynamic. Some go above and beyond these practices and make natural wines, using fewer additives or chemicals. Yet, even fewer go as far as Ambyth Estate who does not even use herbicides. They use these clay tanks to extract as much true grape flavor as possible.

Their wines have lively bright acidity with crisp lip smacking grape flavor you haven’t tasted in a while. They make them the old fashioned way so be prepared to taste something akin to old world wines. For example, their Marsanne has wonderful layers of melon, thick lemon meringue, and an elegant body with luscious crispness. Their reds are aged in neutral oak barrels to keep their crisp acidity and grape typicity on the forefront. Bring your vegetarian and vegan friends to this tasting room for a true lesson on natural wines.


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