Woodenhead Wine – Richly vibrant and wonderfully natural wines

Published August 28, 2013

What’s that saying about doing what you love and the rest will follow? I don’t know if they mean success or wealth will follow. But, that headstrong, renegade, roll up your sleeves, no bullshit attitude is what drives Woodenhead Wine. The namesake is a nickname for the winemaker who may be the Steve Jobs of the wine biz for relentlessly crafting wines he loves and his ability to raise the bar for richly vibrant and wonderfully natural wines. He’s coined “Burgundian done California-style” to describe their unique profile based on the best of both old and new worlds.

Woodenhead wines are also uniquely aged. Longer time in barrel and bottle gives them more complexity and personality. They are not only uniquely named but also have different colored labels so that return customers have an easier time picking out the ones they remember. Never leave the tasting room without getting a wet kiss.

Woodenhead Wine

Woodenhead Wines’ Pinot Noirs are from all over the state and each beautifully represents those regions. They all have amazing typicity yet many different layers of earth, spice, and body based on their climate and soil. Their old vine Zinfandels are equally delicious with lightness in the body, layers of earth, tangy fruit, and longevity. Some wines may be high in alcohol but you wouldn’t taste it. All are unfined and unfiltered, which I realize is a term only wine geeks recognize but it really is the definition of a “natural wine” with few or no additives and will make vegetarians and vegans say “yeow, crack another one open!”

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