Windwalker Vineyard

Published June 25, 2013

A taste of the first ever rose from Windwalker Vineyard was worth the trip to Somerset in El Dorado County. Got the inside scoop from their winemaker that they did extensive research on other rose wines (white style wines made out of red grapes) to determine what they wanted theirs to taste like. A wide continuum exists on rose style wines because they range from sweet, dry, acidic, fruity, creamy and the always popular term: “poolside sipper.”

Windwalker Vineyard’s Grenache Dry Rose is the best of all worlds with¬†bright balance and luscious texture. It has great fruit flavor of strawberry and even some watermelon that make it a crisp start to any meal. But then it finishes long with a creamy texture. This makes it stand up to spicy sausage and grilled vegetables as well as any rich cheeses in your picnic.

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