Wildhurst Vineyards

Published September 26, 2013

If you like drinking delicious wines at birthday parties, taste the wines at Wildhurst in downtown Kelseyville. Not only do they have delightful wines, they will give you 50% off a case of wine during the month of your birthday! So, even if your birthday is not quickly approaching, stop in, taste, figure out what you want to get, and they will email you a coupon when your special month arrives. Boom. Party. Done.

Do not try this at home. You simply have to come and taste for yourself. But if you cannot travel here, I have given my time to drink, I mean taste, their succulent wines for your reading enjoyment and edification:

  • Sauvignon Blanc – this grape thrives here because of the heat. Napa’s Sauvignon Blancs suffer in too much fog but Lake County’s climate brings this grape to its potential. No harsh overbearing grapefruit but balanced crisp acidity is the best way to describe these white wonders. It finishes dry with sweet banana, kiwi, and a tiny lemongrass that will bring you back to your favorite Thai dish.
  • Riesling – this is a German varietal that is often paired with spicy Thai and Indian cuisines for its sweetness. If you like spicy food, always have a chilled Riesling on hand. Theirs is thick and rich like a dessert wine.
  • Merlot – they have two Merlots that cover the continuum of styles. One is light and crisp with bright fruit and a very light body. The next from Plunkett Vineyard has bigger ripe fruit like big dark cherry with chewy tannins and a bit of smoke. This one has body!
  • Petite Sirah – supple Petite Sirahs are hard to find but Lake County’s have that rich warm blueberry chocolate flavor with soft loving tannins. This is their best seller.


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