Vina Moda

Published January 9, 2014

All the wines are balanced and complex at Vina Moda probably because their winemaker is too. It’s clear from a tasting that these wines come from an experienced mind with the passion to think a little differently. Could be because he hand selects each grape or cluster, removing all the unnecessary byproducts that come in with them during harvest.  But all the wines here are consistently delicious with great fruit flavor, typicity, and a good balance of tannins and acids. On a recent visit, we fell in love with the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a grape seldom seen in these parts. It had the complexity and long finish of a Napa cab yet the balanced tannins and acids you taste in the Sierra foothills.

Another differentiator for this area is the tasting room experience. Here the person pouring for you often has hands on experience in winemaking. On the Sunday we visited Vina Moda’s tasting room, the guy pouring only works the tasting room one day a week, spending the rest of the week in the vineyards. His entertaining stories of winemaking and harvest is reason enough to return.

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