Toogood Estate Winery

Published November 27, 2013

Not a typo nor a play on words, Paul Toogood’s winery is the one to check out if you’re in Fair Play California looking for a rich velvety tawny port style wine aged 12 years. Toogood Estate Winery sells this liquid dessert in many bottle formats from the half bottle, 375 ml, to the medium, 500 ml sized format. But this is probably the first place you will find these cute port pony kegs that hold a gallon of port! That’s enough to last you a year. Not me but possibly you.


These cute little containers are also reusable. Return any time to refill them with this luscious liquid and get a discount.

Before you head there, check in on Facebook or post a picture at Toogood Estate to get a bottle of their wine for only $6. Which wine? That’s part of the fun! It is a blind bag purchase but everyone at the tasting room was happy with their 6 dollar purchase. Can you say the same for a six dollar burger?!

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