Scribe Winery – trend back to traditional values

Published November 28, 2012

When you get tired of the usual tasting room experience, make an appointment at Scribe Winery. When you want something different than the trend toward unnaturally high alcohol wines available today, make an appointment at Scribe. Or, when you just want to look at the most beautifully calming view of the land, call on Scribe. The day I stopped in was not even particularly good weather, but the view was still calming, soothing, and breathtaking. Check out these pics from their rustic tasting room:

Scribe 2


If these photos don’t take your breath away, perhaps this will: their wines tell a parallel story to the trend back to traditional values. It’s not just a laid back attitude. Their wines are designed for a traditional soul in search of smoothness and light. They do not add yeast. Instead, they let fermentation happen naturally, which takes a bit longer but yields the most succulent juicy yet well balanced and elegant wines.

More about my month in this region…


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