Saucelito Canyon Vineyards

Published April 29, 2013

The first wine in a line up from Saucelito Canyon Vineyard made a big impact. It was a chilled white wine so we’re thinking it would be light, crisp, and refreshing. While it ded get its citrus flavors and crisp acidity from Sauvignon Blanc, I initially tasted the rounder flavors from Semillon with minerality, herbs, and even a hint of pepper. My mind raced through all the foods I could try with this complex combo. The blend of the two made it a delightful poolside blonde or picnic pairing. The next white stirred my palate even more with creamy richness and a luscious playful charm I knew could stand up to rich foods. The Cote de Blanc was a great choice for velvety pasta, creamy butternut squash soup, or hearty chicken or turkey.

But they are really known for their zin, a welcome beacon in a land of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Their first was a cool blend that got its red fruit of strawberries from Grenache, blue fruit from Petite Sirah, and body and structure from Zinfandel. Don’t know who brings the cocoa and licorice on the finish but maybe that’s part of the combo. The three played in my mouth at different corners and formed a curvaceous body. Curvy bottle for a curvy blend.

Their next zin came from 130 year old vines that were dry farmed and hand picked. Words really can’t describe what this does to a wine so you’ll have to go taste for yourself. But old vines produce grapes that are more complex and the coastal influence makes Zinfandels more robust than jammy. This wine was a great representation of both.

I was tremendously excited to hear they’ll be releasing a Tempranillo in a week.

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