Sanguis Wines

Published February 13, 2014

They say Sanguis means blood, life, strength. That’s what it takes to run a small startup. In the wine business, staying true to your ideas takes a strong conviction, life commitment, and blood that’s thicker than wine. It’s often a tough road few are bold enough to take with little reward. But those that take it value the famed poet’s claim “that has made all the difference.”

You’ll find the people at Sanguis Wines do things a little differently in their quest to make deeply complex and textured wines. Every step in the wine making process contributes to the many layers in each wine they produce. Their biodynamic and organic vines thrive in the most plush soils on the Central Coast. They are tremendously attentive to cleanliness even in an industrial warehouse in one of Santa Barbara’s revitalized hoods. Selecting the right barrel for the right wine is easy when you’ve named each barrel. Their artistic hand crafted labels are new each vintage and they lovingly dip every bottle hot wax.

Even their wines respect this credo. Their single vineyard whites, labeled Loner, have thick rich banana flavors with tart crisp green apple before a long loving finish. Fat and happy grapes from Bien Nacido have that thick banana richness with layers of nectarines and apricot but a sweet pepper on the end and a chewy hint of green herb. These may be the best Chardonnay wines to please those that refuse any wine that isn’t red.

Their reds also inspire.  Each one in the line up has more layers than the last, yet still beckon you to return. Their Pinot Noir has a hint of earth but big yet elegant layers of red and blue fruit with a final finish of green pepper. For those lovers of smoked meats, the Mule brings the bacon with big berries of all colors, smoky smoldering scents of a juicy grill, and a long velvet feeling inside your mouth. But the Pilgrim has the dark dank plum and berry that could smoke the toughest of meats. Try these truly delicious wines and feed your inner aficionado!


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