Published August 20, 2013


Not only have Rhone blends arrived in downtown Healdsburg but a small family is running it, making it one you may not want to miss. A half block from the Plaza, Sanglier pours a dry rose that has the crisp refreshing strawberry flavors wrapped around melon with a blanket of minerality. Their white blend has a big rich nectarine body with a lemon meringue finish and a whiff of a bright garden with a hint of white pepper. I know sounds like a mouthful and it is.

Kick Ranch is the name of a vineyard you’ll certainly remember. Not because it is a kick but because of the warm elegant red wines that grow there. The Boar’s Camp has a body of dark berry and plum with tart cherry and cranberry characteristics before a soft supple finish of cocoa, coffee, and earth. Their Rouge du Tusque has lots of plum with an earthy leathery texture. A great finish!

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