Salisbury Vineyards

Published April 19, 2013

You’ve probably spotted this place on a frontage road facing the 101 between San Luis Obispo to the North and Avila or Pismo to the South. The tasting room is in a beautifully restored 105 year old school house with the original desk chairs.

But enough about history! The reason to go is for the wine, of course. And not just any wine. They have one of the few white Pinot Noirs found in this state with fresh crisp acidity and fruit ranging from a touch of lemon, strawberry, and even apricot but a long lingering finish. It begs you to take it on a picnic, which you can do just outside the tasting room.

They are also testing out a cool new delivery system for wine. For those adventure seekers who like to combine wine with their hiking, biking, or just discovery trips, Salisbury has these light travel pouches that do not require a corkscrew or glass. And no need to bring the vacu vin when you travel or camp. Just bring this cute little wine pocket and the spout takes care of it all. Once you pour your first glass of the delicious nectar inside, you’ve got 30 days to finish it. I can’t think of a single person who would have trouble doing this!



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