Published April 26, 2013

Before the rest of the world heard of Paso Robles or even knew of wine regions in San Luis Obispo County, Rotta was a small family owned winery best known for hearty red wines. Today, Rotta is a small family owned winery best known for hearty red wines. Small in production but big on flavor and reputation. Being one of the first three wineries in this region, they are the only one that remains family owned, as of this writing.

Their vines have the grace and elegance of the wisdom in their years. Theirs is a big full bodied Merlot that reminds you what a world renowned noble grape this is. Lots of plump berry and cherry fruit with elegant smoke and oak and a long finish coalesce in this wine. Their Cabernet Sauvignon also has that ripe berry fruit with finely integrated oak that is not overwhelming. And, the consistently cool coastal breezes in the Templeton Gap keep their Zinfandel full of flavor and balanced acidity without the heavy blanket of jam. Rotta doesn’t pour a bad wine.

But the finale is also noteworthy. Their baked cream sherry has such a lengthy ageing process, it becomes a rich nutty crème brulee-like dessert wine. If you are a sherry chaser, or if you simply like rare sweet wines, this is worth a visit.


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