Rentals in Carmel

Published May 27, 2015

Carmel By the Sea

It is pretty clear hiking around Carmel that most of the residences are empty. Word on the street is that people in warmer climates buy them just to live in during the cooler coastal summers.

At a local watering hole, I met a very interesting writer who predicted I’d meet locals with extra rooms in their sprawling homes for a traveling writer like myself. He was right. I was at a wine tasting room the other day when three people walked in to sit next to me. The two women were obviously sisters. One was local and the other was from Boston visiting with her husband. Our conversation naturally led to why I was in town and this writing project with my nomadic life was discussed so the local woman offered a room in her home to me if I’d like to stay longer. She said it is for her son but he lives in Japan and only visits twice a year. I told her what she could make by renting it on a website and she assured me she didn’t need money.

Her sister explained what she meant by that last comment. The generous woman had been married to an investment banker for many years but he passed away from a terrible illness, leaving her with homes all over and a tremendous nest egg. God bless husbands and investment bankers!

Her offer was tempting as I really wanted to stay an extra day. She also gave me her number so I assumed the offer was serious. My curiosity got the best of me. Was she clean? Just because she has many homes, does that mean they’re nice homes? How often do rich people have bad taste?

I called and we agreed to meet at her house in a few days. A few other locals that I met in the meantime were interested in hearing this story. Some even suggested that she probably just wants someone to talk to for a while. Good thing I love to talk!

They were right; when I arrived, we all shared a glass of wine and chatted about what it’s like to be a vagabond in California’s most bountiful wine regions. She had exquisite taste in wine and the cutest little dog. Her home was well made and beautifully appointed. In the morning, I stripped the bed, said a grateful thank you, and was off to other parts. I cannot recommend such behavior as it may be risky for some but it’s always worked out during my travels and you gotta believe in the good in people.

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