Published August 6, 2013


Whenever you are passing through the Sierra Foothills and want to try some wines that are deliciously different, check out Renegade. Their Tempranillo had a wonderful vanilla smell, probably due to the barrels used. Their barrels once helped hard liquors come into their own so they have no doubt soaked up the flavor and shared it with others. This Tempranillo is not like any other tasted and sure to stump even the best blind taster. It has bright fruit of cherry, plum, and blueberry with long acidity. The vanilla that hits you at first lasts a long time and rounds out the body.

Their Syrah has dark cherry, vanilla, spice, and a bit of smoke. Those were the only two we were able to try thanks to the people at the Hotel Leger. But we MUST return to the winery someday to taste the rest.

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