Prospect 772 Wine Company – Balanced and Complex

Published January 30, 2013

If names like The Brat, The Instigator, The Brawler, and Baby Doll don’t intrigue you, the seductive flavors of wine at Prospect 772 Wine Company will. Each one tells a story as all good bottles should. The wines continue the intrigue with their balanced and complex yet very different personalities. For example, the Grenache in The Brat wants to be big and steal the show, but the Syrah is the real star without being melodramatic. It’s fruit flavors begin with bright red cherries and strawberries but finish with hearty plum and robust black cherries that linger. The Instigator is like one of those big brooding hunks that has a soft supple side. Its powerful blueberry flavors with warm chocolate and spice make you feel like you’re sitting by a warm fire.

The peeps at Prospect 772 are equally as balanced and complex. Check out this rustic rabbit stew over rich warm polenta:



More tasting notes from my month in this region.


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