Mueller Winery

Published August 23, 2013

Step around the corner from that overpriced shoe store or sweets shop in the Healdsburg Plaza and experience some well-rounded and beautifully crafted Burgundy style wines. Mueller Winery produces a handful of Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs as well as a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc and old vine Zinfandel. Their Sauvignon Blanc starts the tasting with a rich banana texture and slight crispness without the harsh grapefruit that is a hallmark of this grape. Their Chardonnay has much more body than tangy fruit flavors but a solid balance.

The Pinot Noirs that follow each have unique styles yet remain balanced an elegant, true to European style. The first has deep cherry with a long finish of earth and a hint of ash while the Eastside had a nose of spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon with softer cherry and a bit of pepper on the finish. Finally, the old vine Zinfandel had a truly unique personality. Either because it was planted in 1915 or because it was grown by a Pinot Noir producer, it has that earthy quality that is quintessential of Pinot but the delicious tart berry and plum that Zinfandel brings. It had great body with tight acidity. Mueller Winery is definitely worth the trip to those who love Burgundy.

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