Madrona Vineyards – Thinking Outside The Box

Published October 31, 2013

Clearly, the people at Madrona believe in thinking outside the box… and I do not mean boxes of wine. They took a basic and fundamental tasting room practice like whites before reds and analyzed it objectively. Here, they’ve switched the order of wines in a tasting flight many times and adopted the convention of pouring reds before whites because the acids in the whites are so high due to the altitude that tasting them before the reds make the tannins in the reds stand out too severely. Yet, the whites taste the same after the reds.

Their entire flight of wines is well crafted. Each wine has tremendous typicity, representing the purest expression of the grape with respect to the land and climate. Their Nebbiolo is one you cannot miss. With hints of fennel and licorice, it pairs exceptionally with every course from a sumptuous salad to thick creamy pastas and rich smoky meats. Yes, we tested this with our meal at Smith Flat. The many layers to this wine change and grow as you swirl but the wine remains multifaceted.


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