Kale Kinship

Published July 13, 2012

Met with Kathleen Kelley Young from Kelley & Young Wines and could have spent the entire day talking with her and her husband. I don’t think there was ever a pause in conversation. Kathleen and I have the same creative approach to experimental cooking with wine. She has a wonderfully broad palate and the most innovative techniques that she incorporates from appetizers, through entrees, and desserts.

The kinship was so refreshing that I really didn’t want to leave. As I slowly drove off her property, I noticed kale growing in her garden. Not only is kale gaining popularity in restaurants and cooking magazines but it has always been a favorite unsung hero in my kitchen. Dying to see what she does with it. Maybe Kathleen will let me post a video of her cooking with wine if I tell her I think we have a kale kinship.


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