Heart of the Matter

Published November 15, 2021

A tasting at Heart of the Matter inspired me listen to that deeply moving song again. The owner who poured a delightful flight explained they chose the namesake for its lovely lyrics even though it was about a break up. This time, the song felt more about forgiveness than the break up that inspired it.

Perhaps we go through heartbreak for the sole purpose of evolving. We willingly give our hearts to someone that we trust will take care of it. We have blind faith that true love is what matters most. When something doesn’t feel right in your soul, you gotta take your heart back. Maybe the courage it takes to care for another heart more than our own is how we emerge stronger.

Don Henley emerged with a hit! This family winery has several. The heart of this matter is to remember what really matters. Embrace what matters to you while sipping the creative juices from this family winery.

Heart of the Matter Rose of Dolcetto from Monterey 2020

This wine began with an aroma of light crisp strawberry. The scent alone made my mouth water, beckoning my lips to it. It felt soft and supple on the palate with tartness that reached into the deep sides of my cheeks. A slight floral fragrance could make it really nice with ethnic food like Thai noodles or curried chicken, but it’s big and bold enough for an Italian steak dinner.

Heart of the Matter Chardonnay

A nice balance came from 25% in oak and 75% in stainless steel. This white felt strong and sturdy on the palate while it made my mouth water like biting into a juicy apple. You can also order a glass of this wine at Basil Thai just a few doors down.

Heart of the Matter Cabernet Sauvignon

This cab had nice vibrant fruit with dark licorice on the palate. It was a lovely finale.

Heart of the Matter wines

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