Graveyard Vineyards – Delicious Chocolate Port, Cream Sherry, and more!

Published September 23, 2012

If you find yourself on Paso’s east side of the 101, check out Graveyard Vineyards. They start the tasting with a Grenache Blanc, which is known for its sweetness, but theirs has more tart crisp acidity than sugar. A nice minerality makes this white wine a lovely sipper for just about any food. Next, they serve two rose wines with very different personalities. One rose has tight acidity and the other has plenty of minerality and a slight smokey flavor. Graveyard Vineyards’ red blend has a balance of bright cherry and dark berry flavors with a vanilla fragrance. A Tempranillo is also worth trying with a brilliant nose of fresh plum.

But the reason to venture this direction is to try Graveyard Vineyards’¬†chocolate port. It starts with a hint of raspberry chocolate that is dark and not overly sweet. They are also one of the few wineries in the area with a cream sherry, which is also worth a taste. Its label is what draws you in but its flavor is what you remember. From far away, this label resembles a skull but get up close and you’ll see it is a woman gazing in a mirror.

Graveyard Vineyards

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