Go Giants!

Published April 5, 2013

Welcome to a new season! Everyone here seems to crowd Firestone Grill for the food, outdoor patio dining, or sports pub laid back environment. I guess the food is OK but the menu is shorter than the mini skirts on campus and the line for food is always out the door. Been many times, ate lots of food, and drank way too many cocktails but still don’t get why this place is so popular. During a Giants game, you can’t even score a seat at the bar and half the crowd is not even aware there is a game on in front of them. Locals rave about their tri tip and even say that is all they ever order but mine was dry and tough on more than one occasion. Sometimes a hangout is just a hangout ‘cuz it’s been their hangout.

Mo Tav is a much better call for watching the next Giants game because of its delicious food, clean bar, and no line for the bathroom. Nevermind the name, Mother’s Tavern, because I don’t know anyone’s mom who has a tavern like this. They’ve got ballpark faves like garlic fries, nachos, and sliders. But, they also get a little creative. The Cowboy Quesadilla with pulled pork, smoked gouda, and spicy aioli is a delightful pairing for a margarita with their fine collection of tequila. And their lobster tacos, sweet potato fries, and cow tipper of 100% grass fed beef will bring you back. I mean, they’ll bring me back.


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