Published May 19, 2014


The Georis tasting room in downtown Carmel Valley Village has the most picturesque peaceful garden setting that can even make a rainy day enjoyable. Inside, a warm cozy fireplace warms your soul on windy cold afternoon or winter evening while the patio is welcoming on just about any day.

Their wines appeal to a wide audience. An educated palate will appreciate their European craftsmanship and a novice or anyone new to wine gets a great education from simply tasting these hand crafted wines that showcase the grape’s potential.

Their Sauvignon Blanc starts the tasting with the true grit grapefruit that is typical for this grape. But the flavor goes on and on with a big body and long finish rarely found in a crisp refreshing white. Their rose of Cabernet Franc is one you don’t see very often and you will most likely remember tasting. This grape’s thin skins ensure softer tannins, allowing the fruit flavor to shine.

Cabernet Franc may be a tough grape for some but Georis’ winemaker is a bit of an expert in its deep characteristics. Picked too soon it can taste too much like bell pepper and picked too late it doesn’t have the crisp acidity to round out its juicy body. Their 100% Cabernet Franc has a dense texture yet soft tannins and a hint of bell pepper without being overwhelming.

A Meritage of the 5 Bordeaux varietals has delightful tart cherry and brazen berry flavors with a smoky burning fire pit of eucalyptus and a supple leather texture with licorice and anise on the long finish. Their Merlot has great cherry fabulousness with an elegant yet robust body. All are nicely done, pleasing a European wine lover’s palate.

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