Four Lanterns Serves Five Stars

Published September 29, 2022

Your eyes might be lured into this charming looking building on the highway. You might presume you’d find equally charming hosts. Your instincts are right.

You might think such a lovely spot would have equally lovely wines. Right again!

You might think it’s rare to be so fortunate. Wow, you’re on fire. Celebrate this winning streak and sway in the soft melody of delightful voices on the lovely patio at Four Lanterns. Soak in the free live music on weekends to enjoy with their equally delightful wines. Owners named the winery after their four daughters who expertly design wine labels for this family venture. The lanterns may have lured your eyes into this charming setting, but it’s your heart and palate that reap the rewards.

Picpoul Blanc

Quickly became a favorite to sip on a lovely sunny day. Its bright crisp acidity made our mouths water and it felt broad on the palate with citrus, vanilla and very little sweetness. We were sweet enough!


A rich thick nectar with primarily apricot and stone fruit on the palate lead to slight lemon curd and orange blossom. It would be nice with a rich chicken or pasta dish.

Merlot Reserva

A lovely merlot was subtle but cherry and berry dominated the body with a bit of plum. A slight smoke on the finish rounded it out with a hint of bell pepper and herbs.

Thank you, Mary Uebersax for the lovely photos.

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