Ernest Hemingway Vineyards – as rich and remarkable as Papa himself

Published December 10, 2020

If your only regret in life is that you did not drink more wine, head to Ernest Hemingway Vineyards when in Paso. They pour a Tempranillo (Saludos A Pamplona) that’s as rich and remarkable as Papa himself. Soft warm hints of vanilla and licorice rise through the nose followed by deep long plum and wide blueberry on the palate with pillows of leather and spice across the tongue. A thick rim indicates lengthy aging; this 2014 vintage was ready to drink now but may even get better with age like its namesake.

A Zinfandel impressed with a great balance of smoke and slight earth with a berry cherry plum mixture mid-palate. Then, their Cabernet Sauvignon had mellow tannins with dark black cherry that lingered. But the decor of his tasting room captured his sportsman and masculine energy, it felt worthy of a Nobel Prize.

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