Epicurean Connection

Published November 23, 2012

Epicurean Connection

Those of you in search of deliciously flavorful food lovingly prepared by a chef that cares and uses all fresh ingredients should walk past Sunflower Caffe and turn the corner. The Epicurean Connection is gonna give you that fix and more. They not only make their own cheese, they have wine pairing seminars, tasting menus, as well as cheese and beer pairings. Their owner/chef greets every guest and takes pride in the dishes she serves.

About those dishes, they are somewhat sort of your usual suspects but have an extra oomph. Grilled cheese has been around forever. But what about cheddar with ham, mustard and red pepper tapenade? And where else can you find a brie, salami and aioli sandwich?! That’s not a question cuz ya pretty much can’t find it elsewhere. Love their passion! The décor is a little bit etsy and barnyard but always delightful and refreshing.

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