Cowgirl Winery

Published May 7, 2014

Like I was, you might be drawn in to a place called the Cowgirl Winery knowing full well it’s probably just a flashy name. But this cowgirl ain’t foolin’ around. The tasting room is a converted barn building that’s not just selling cowboy boots and metallic belt buckles. They’ve got true grit glass servers that look like branding metals. They also raise chickens that squawk about the grounds as though it’s their home and it is. But they’re very friendly and don’t mind people who spill or accidentally drop picnic food.

The wines may not be what you end up remembering but their Cabernet Sauvignon starts with a thick heavy vanilla aroma and a bit of eucalyptus . Then, it continues with a big body of stewed purple fruit like plum and berry. It finishes with tart red fruit like raspberry and cherry that bring you back for another sip.

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