Published March 13, 2013

If you’re wondering how to find a wine that is distinctive of Mendocino County, look for the Coro brand. Coro means chorus in Spanish and Italian and you’ll find this brand on a Zinfandel blend that meets the standards of Coro Mendocino. It means a consortium of Mendocino Country winemakers, winegrowers, and other wine experts have deemed it ultra premium because it is made in Mendocino County and entirely from Mendocino County grapes as certified by the Mendocino Winegrowers Alliance.

Coro Mendocino Brand

What does this mean besides they can all get along? It is the mark of a quintessential Mendocino County wine with all the ripe qualities of this terroir. In so far as terroir is a set of characteristics that represent a certain place, these wines exemplify the geography, geology, climate, and all the other environmental forces affecting the grapes grown here. But, really, you be the judge! If you see the brand, taste and compare. It’s the only way you’ll know the signature characteristics of these wines.


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