Claiborne & Churchill Winery

Published April 14, 2013

Even the most meager wine collection should always contain a Riesling or Gewurztraminer to pair with those Indian, Thai, and even mildly spicy Chinese dishes we all crave. It’s not just because sweet pairs with spicy. It’s the high acidity and flowery aromas that create a delicate match. Claiborne & Churchill Winery makes dry aromatic white wines like Riesling and Gewurztraminer with big flavor but very little sweetness or sugar aftertaste. Theirs are delicious enough to sip and savor even without your coveted spicy dish. But feel free to get your spice on.

Their tasting flight carries you through an entire meal. If you want a wine to handle more rich dishes, try their Pinot Gris. Then, they are really known for their Pinot Noir, a hallmark of the Edna Valley. Theirs are bursting with delicious red cherry fruit, a hint of herb, and a silky finish.

To taste these sumptuous wines at their Edna Valley tasting room, bring a picnic or a sweater. Their outside patio will entice you to stay a spell and sip these fine wines with salad, salami, or a sandwich. Inside, their tasting room is a bit of an environmental masterpiece. The entire building is insulated with 16-inch thick bales of rice straw, keeping the cellar cool without the use of air conditioning. Talk about a cool change!

More appellation adventures form my month in this region.


    • I haven’t tasted there yet. I have it on my calendar for the 29th when I heard the flight will also include Tempranillo.



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