A Rafinelli Winery – Vindicating Merlot

Published June 13, 2012

Grapevines are tough and durable. Their roots reach over 30 feet into the ground and can survive in conditions that would starve other plants. The Merlot grape is revered for being one of the most resilient. It’s taken a beating. I’m not just referring to references in quotable movie, turning Merlot lovers into Pinot lovers. Sadly, these people missed a brilliant metaphor, making it the star of the movie over its temperamental bud. Merlot has also had a tough time throughout history because of overplanting, overproduction, and the substandard quality that comes with anything that’s overproduced. So, it’s reputation suffered.

Yet, it remains a favorite when it’s done right. I can’t just buy blind; I have to try a Merlot before I buy. But A Rafinelli Winery is an unsung hero for consistently vindicating Merlot. Dave Rafinelli is a big star in a small class of Merlot producers that’s making Merlot proud. The deep, rich, warm, elegant, dark fruit flavors make it a wine to sip standalone or pair with just about any meal and the long almost chocolaty finish makes you feel sexy. If you can find a better Merlot than this, I’d like to know about it.

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