Published January 7, 2013

Almost every wine town has a restaurant that is the local favorite for winemakers. Eat there and the odds of sitting next to a winemaker are high.

Some of these restaurants even have winemaker nights where winemakers showcase their wines in a flight, talk about the wines, meet the locals. Typically, this is done on a weekday to pack in the locals, giving everyone a chance to meet their neighbors. Alchemy is this type of restaurant in Murphys. They’ve got delicious food, a great wine list, and on Tuesday nights, they have a different winemaker in to pour a flight of the wines they have selected for the evening and culinary specialties of the restaurant. However January is the month they have a brew master host a beer tasting instead. It’s going to be a sudsy month.

More appellation adventures from my month in this region.


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