Published April 9, 2014

A sure sign that a town is quickly becoming a wine destination is the opening of a wine bar that quickly gets packed with people every night. 15C is proof Templeton is on the move. The town right next door to Paso Robles already has one or two tasting rooms downtown within walking distance of salons, restaurants, and shopping. Now, they also have a fab wine bar where you can get a taste of a few different wines, selected by someone more savvy in the juice than yourself, for the price of a glass. This is always best if you cannot decide what glass to order or if you want to surprise your palate with a variety from a region or showcase a varietal or type of wine. It is also the choice if you simply believe in variety.

15C has a wide following on any given weekday after 5PM, the local choice for happy hour or a great escape for those god-what-a-day kinda days. Outside and roadside patio dining and pounding make it the cure for any type of day.
I tasted a white flight of wines that included a bonus rose. That’s about a 2 ounce pour of 3 white wines and a pink wine for only 8 bucks! So, really, it’s cheaper than a glass of wine and a great way to meet the locals. Free wifi and a fab Chrome from Ranchero Cellars will keep us coming back.


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